August 24, 2016

Here is the list of MontrŽal city councillors. Whether you live in MontrŽal or not, your opinion can have an impact. If you live in the borough of a particular councillor, then it's a question of them representing your views and receiving your vote. If you live elsewhere in the city, encourage them that they need to think of the city as a whole and its reputation worldwide. If you live elsewhere in the world, they need to understand that your money will never be spent in MontrŽal and that their worldwide reputation is being destroyed.

PLEASE BE POLITE. There is no indication in these e-mail addresses as to who is for or against the ban. You do not want to be yelling at city councillors who are already on our side or who are undecided.

If you can write in French as well, that is better, but if not, your opinion still matters as someone who might spend money in MontrŽal.

Thank you to Tanya for compiling this information.



Montreal city councillors